Autoscan transforms warehouses into modern workplaces

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Bar codes in the warehouse? We can do that too. If your company is a service centre or car dealer, you’ve just discovered AUTOSCAN. It is much more than a simple bar code scanner for working with items in the warehouse. This is a truly extraordinary solution. How so?

Time is money?
Without a doubt. Warehousing involves a range of activities, from ensuring items are in-stock to receiving and dispatching products or material to and from the warehouse, and internal transfers within individual or between multiple warehouses. And what about those long and demanding inventories? It all adds up. Ultimately it’s your customers who meet and interact with an exasperated and exhausted worker. Just how can you put a smile on their face? Both your people and clients? Simplify the process for them.

The satisfaction of companies that already use AUTOSCAN, in their own words, is primarily driven by streamlining warehousing activities. Their teams now work much more progressively. Time is no longer wasted running between shelves and the computer. Bar code readers are compatible with mobile devices, phones and tablets. Data is online via a connection to your DMS (Dealer Management System).

Updated data is available all the time, to allow you to work whenever and wherever. This saves you time and money.

And what about simplification?
Operating the AUTOSCAN mobile solution is simple. It doesn’t require any extensive explanation or training. Application controls are intuitive and similar to working with a smartphone. Scanning a bar code automatically opens the necessary menu and guides the user through the workflow.

All data can be connected to your existing information system. All the related information saved in the DMS (description, brand, quantity, etc.) can be accessed simply by scanning individual car parts.

The elimination of unnecessary paperwork is a given. All views and reports are displayed right on your mobile terminal. An ecological solution is at hand. No more unnecessary printing.

To err is human?
Not really if you have AUTOSCAN. Configuring the required workflows and warnings helps your personnel avoid common mistakes, such as placing items in the wrong place or picking the incorrect quantities. The foundations of a modern warehouse management solution are wireless networks, hand-held mobile terminals and seamless work with bar codes.

Faster, better, and more accurate. Those are the warehouses of the future. Technologies that really help companies. Technologies that help companies grow and attract customers. Satisfied customers.  AUTOSCAN is one of those technologies. We’d be happy to tell you all about how it works in practice.

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